America at War

Essential reading...

“This book should be essential reading for students of U.S. history and military officers around the world.”

— General Barry R. McCaffrey, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Crucial Issues...

“America At War provides the necessary prelude to analysis and raises the crucial political and moral issues of each conflict.”

— Fred Morhart
Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools.

A much needed book...

“A great review of the 12 important US wars! Easy reading and very concise. Definitely worth buying and reading this book.”

— Richard S. Tobey Jr.

When the U.S goes to War, the World takes notice.


Author Terence Finn’s latest book presents the most succinct and precise history of why and how America has waged its wars since its birth. War — organized violence against an enemy of the state — seems part and parcel of the American journey. lndeed, the United States was established by means of violence as ordinary citizens from New Hampshire to Georgia answered George Washington's call to arms. Since then, war has become a staple of American history.

ln this comprehensive collection, Terence T. Finn provides a set of narratives — each concise and readable — on the twelve major wars America has fought. He explains what happened, and why such places as Saratoga and Antietam, Manila Bay and Midway are important to an understanding of America's past. Readers will easily be able to brush up on their history and acquaint themselves the United States of America.

History/Non-Fiction. Paperback, Penguin/Berkley/Caliber, January 2014. $17 US.

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When Europe Went Mad

“… A work that offers insight into the war in a number of pages that many might believe impossible. It certainly provides a good starting point for examination of the Great War…all told, the intended audience will certainly come away with a better knowledge of the war.”

— Eric W. Osborne,
Journal of Military History

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“There are plenty of books out there that cover individual campaigns in minute detail but anyone wanting a clear, concise history of the war could probably do no better than to obtain a copy of this slender volume.”

— Cross & Cockade, April 2010 Issue

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“… Not your typical World War I read. Finn offers the important facts of one of the most significant wars in human history…in a concise and comprehensive style meant for the common reader and history buff alike.”

— The Western Front Museum Recommended Booklist, The Netherlands

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When Europe Went Mad: A Brief History of the First World War (2009)

America At War's WWI chapter as a standalone hardcover volume!

In June, 1914 a single act of political murder in Bosnia set in motion a sequence of events that resulted in a war in Europe, a war that soon reached the far distant parts of the globe. The impact of this conflict would be devastating to both individuals and nations. Over eight million soldiers would lose their lives. They would die in mud, in the desert, on snow-covered mountains, and at sea. They would even die in the air.

The conflict of 1914-1918 was to be a milestone in human history. Nothing like it had ever before occurred. Those who lived through it called it The Great War. Today, less aware of its impact, we refer to it simply as World War One. In a most readable way this book recounts what took place, recalling the events within one of humanity’s most important, and most tragic, chapters.

Please note: When Europe Went Mad is included in Finn's larger history book, America At War as its chapter on WWI. Purchase When Europe Went Mad if you wish to own an elegant, slim, and freestanding history of WWI, but we suggest America At War instead, as it's the better value.

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To Begin Again

“Terence Finn, has certainly done his homework… This is a fine novel, steeped in aviation history.”

— Logbook: Great Aviation History Magazine

“Finn tried to write a historically authentic, entertaining novel about life in uncertain days, and he succeeded.”

— Flight Journal

To Begin Again: A Novel of Love and War (2006)

To Begin Again tells the story of a Georgetown University history teacher who is recalled to the Air Force and sent to Korea, commanding a special detachment of F-86s that engages the MiGs some 30,000 feet above the Yalu River. The novel relate his romance with one of his students, his friendship with a Jesuit colleague at Georgetown, his unexpected involvement with a woman in Japan, and his combat experiences flying America’s most deadly fighter plane.

Historical Fiction. Hardcover with dust jacket, Ivy House, 2006.
$27 US.

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The Best of Times

"Beyond writing a classy romance, author Finn established he did his homework... This is a novel not to be overlooked by students of the European air war.”

— A WW II combat fighter pilot

“… a sense of authenticity not often found in wartime aviation novels.”

— 8th Airforce News Magazine

“… a well crafted and poignant wartime
love story.”

— P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association

The Best of Times: A Novel of Love and War (2004)

Set in England during the last four months of 1943, The Best of Times recounts the combat experiences of Lt. Colonel Tom Forester, an American, and his romance with Helen Trent. She is 43 and married. He is the 26 year-old commander of a P-47 Thunderbolt fighter group. How they fall in love, and how he leads the P-47s into battle form the core of the story.

The novel also tells how the U.S. Eighth Air Force struggled in 1943 to realize its goal of daylight strategic bombing. By combining scenes of Thunderbolts in combat against Hitler’s Luftwaffe with the story of a wartime love affair in London, the novel is told with compelling realism. Readers seeking romance and insight into military history need look no further.

Historical Fiction. Hardcover with dust jacket, Ivy House, 2004.
$28 US.

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Space Station

Space Station: Leadership for the Future (1987)

This intriguing booklet, co-written by Terence T. Finn and Franklin D. Martin, explores the concept of a permanently manned space station and discusses how its potential versatility would lead to immense benefits for the United States on the world front. Finn and Martin propose how the Space Station would enhance capabilities for space applications and promote international cooperation.

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